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Xerox Digital Printer & Copier

Our small print run capability means you only request what you need when you need it—so your print materials will always be up-to-date and entirely cost-effective. Our digital printing services print high quality documents with the professional finish your work deserves.

Logos, brochures, magazines, flyers, catalogues: we do it all!
Print your work in style with our Xerox Digital Docucolor Laser Colour Printer. You can drop it into us if you’re based nearby in Dublin. If you’re bringing your files to us, we need them on disks, CDs, or USB memory pens. If your files are smaller than 8MB, you can e-mail them direct to us.
If you want larger files digitally printed, then we’ll use, an online independent file-sharing service. If you click on the link, you’ll be directed to their website. Enter our email address into the form and attach your document. Accepted files types are PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, and OpenOffice—though we prefer PDF files because they automatically include all required file parts.

Attach your file, hit send, and we’ll print it in our offices. We can have the finished files delivered to you via courier. Digital printing is that simple!
We don’t print Excel files as page layouts are too fiddly and change far too easily. If you do want to print an Excel file, fix the layout and export it as a PDF file. To export the Excel file to a PDF you’ll need an online program or you can download the software that’ll do it for you.
Prices for printing are from €2.00 per job plus the price per page as set out for photocopying.

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