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We've got a selection of labels and tapes for Dymo, Brother and Seiko. We also have compatible labels and tapes for Dymo, Brother and Zebra by brand TSW.
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Printer Labels and Tapes

When it comes to printer tapes and labels, each brand offers a variety of options compatible with their specific printers. Here’s an overview of the compatible tapes and labels for Brother, Dymo, Seiko, and Zebra printers. Don't forget the great value offered with TWS compatible labels and tapes.


Brother produces several types of tapes and labels under their P-touch and QL series.

P-touch Tapes: These are laminated and non-laminated tapes that come in various widths and colors. They are known for their durability and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Common types include:

TZ/TZe Tapes: Laminated, available in various colors and sizes (6mm to 36mm).
M Tapes: Non-laminated, suitable for indoor use (9mm and 12mm widths).
QL Labels: These labels are designed for the QL series label printers and come in die-cut (pre-sized) and continuous roll formats. Types include:

DK Labels: Available in a variety of sizes and shapes for different applications.


Dymo offers labels and tapes primarily for their LabelWriter and LetraTag series printers.

LabelWriter Labels: These are thermal labels used with LabelWriter printers. They come in various sizes and styles, such as address, shipping, file folder, and multipurpose labels.
LetraTag Tapes: These tapes are used with LetraTag label makers and are available in different materials:

Paper Labels: Economical and suitable for indoor use.
Plastic Labels: More durable than paper and available in a range of colors.
Metallic Labels: Stylish and durable, ideal for decorative labeling.
Iron-On Labels: Used for labeling fabrics.


Seiko offers Smart Label Printer (SLP) labels, which are direct thermal labels compatible with their Smart Label Printers.

SLP Labels: These come in a variety of formats such as address, shipping, file folder, name badge, and multipurpose labels. Seiko labels are designed for specific SLP models, ensuring compatibility.


Zebra specializes in a wide range of label types for various industrial, commercial, and office applications. Their labels are often used in barcode printing and high-demand environments.

Zebra Labels: These are available in direct thermal and thermal transfer varieties. Types include:

Paper Labels: Economical options for general use.
Polyester Labels: Durable, resistant to chemicals and weather, suitable for long-term use.
Polypropylene Labels: More flexible than polyester, used for labeling curved surfaces.
Vinyl Labels: High durability, suitable for harsh environments.

TWS Compatible Labels and Tapes

We offer great value with this brand of compatible labels and tapes for Brother, Dymo and Zebra machines.

Compatibility Notes

Brother: Ensure that you select the correct type of tape or label (e.g., TZ/TZe, DK) that matches your specific Brother printer model.
Dymo: Check the model number of your Dymo printer to find compatible LabelWriter or LetraTag tapes and labels.
Seiko: Use SLP labels specifically designed for your Smart Label Printer model.
Zebra: Choose labels and ribbons based on your printer model and the specific requirements of your labeling application (e.g., direct thermal vs. thermal transfer).
By selecting the appropriate tapes and labels for your printer model, you can ensure optimal performance and durability for your labeling tasks.

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