Thesis, Project & Report Binding

Soft Book Binding

If you’ve got your thesis, project, or report written up and printed out and now you need to get it bound then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our Thesis, Project, and Report binding services are available in soft back book and spiral bind finish.

Soft back binding is sufficient for the vast majority of thesis work, but please do check with your college to make sure they haven’t specified a hard-back finish.

Soft back and spiral binding are ideal for training manuals and staff handbooks too. They look great and add a certain sense of authority to any project.

We have a large, professional Xerox machine in our shop so as well as binding your work, we can also print it. Visit our Digital Printing services page for more information.

You can send us files smaller than 8MB via email. For bigger files, visit and enter our email address to the form and attach your document. PDF is preferred though we also accept Word, OpenOffice, Publisher, and Powerpoint.
Download our information leaflet now which lists all prices including printing.


Binding Pricing
Sheets Spiral Soft Book
up to 10 €2.50 €3.50
up to 50 €3.00 €4.00
up to 100 €4.00 €5.00
up to 150 €5.00 €6.00
up to 200 €6.00 €7.00
Up to 350 €8.00

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